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Dia Consult Limited has been a trusted partner in helping companies achieve remarkable success in the digital realm. We have consistently delivered outstanding results through our tailored digital marketing strategies and innovative techniques. With our data-driven approach and in-depth understanding of industries and target audiences, we have provided valuable insights and implemented effective campaigns that have propelled companies toward their goals and beyond.

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Dia Consult has brought together an experienced team with different skills sets covering aspects of Digital Marketing Services. Offering a complete package to customers with a tailored approach to maximize the return on investment.

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Our digital marketing services are data-driven and tailored to your business to ensure we are always one step ahead.

“I was very impressed by their ‘tech stack’. Novel use of systems and platforms working in sync with each other to create automated yet personalised messaging, with vast scope and far greater results than we’ve seen through more traditional means. The senior level of contact, and out of normal hours attention is also a complete revelation.”

Kioko, S

We’ve seen palpable efficiency improvements, with spend decreasing YoY and revenue holding steady. We’ve also seen huge SEO keyword improvements and visibility, even after replatforming.

Didozz, Musician

We’ve been working with Dia for 4-6 months now after we found them on LinkedIn. We’ve seen our traffic increase 3x organically and our keywords improve overall by +24.4 w/several page 1 results. What I love most about Dia is their speed of delivery, willingness to go the extra mile and appreciation of our needs. We’re busy – so they have made the process as turn-key as possible. From getting involved in YouTube SEO, producing content and more – I highly recommend their team 🙂

Arnold Oduor , Theologist